Bill and Nancy bought what is now DoubleTree Stables, in 1998. They brought along their lifetimes of horse experience and love of horses. It has been, and continues to be, a labor of love. Bill & Nancy enjoy trail riding, camping, and talking ‘horse’ with fellow horsemen. Bill likes to do a little training, and a little driving. Nancy likes to do a little leather work and sew, especially if it is horse stuff.

The Stables

Here you can enjoy a barn with a friendly, relaxed, family atmosphere with a strong emphasis on safety. “The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man (or woman)” is a quote that certainly holds true today. In this busy and hectic world, you can calm yourself and relax in the enjoyment and partnership with your horse.

Horse activities are widely varied, including trail riding, horse camping, showing, schooling, or just sitting on one and daydreaming. A great family activity, horses teach children responsibility, respect, patience, and confidence.

You can ride all year here, in the indoor arena, the outdoor arena, or the pasture. Your horse friend will enjoy a roomy stall, and either the pasture or a large turnout pen. There is a locked tack room with individual lockers, a heated washroom, a people rest room, and room to park your trailer.

All disciplines of riding are welcome here, and we try to be flexible to accommodate any special needs. We live right here at the barn. In fact, we live in the barn. So we are able to keep a secure watchful eye on your horse friend.

Don't have a horse? No problem. Although not in the habit of buying and selling, Bill occasionally has one for sale. Or, he's good at finding one to suit your needs. Don't know what to do with one? No problem there either. Bill and Nancy will help get you started.

The Tack Shop

The Tack Shop started out with some of the boarders needing this or that, and blossomed from there. We now have a huge variety of things. You'd be surprised at how much can be crammed into a small space. We have practically no overhead, so we can keep prices low enough to usually undersell all the local tack places. We are dealers of Rocking R and Circle M saddles. They are great saddles that really fit a horse well, and are made in America. Before you buy your next saddle, do some homework. Some of the top name brands have shipped their business to Mexico, but not the ones we sell. We can tell you right where they come from. They can also be special ordered and made just to your own specifications. We also sell a lot of good used saddles. You should be able to find something here to fit your budget. We also sell most everything else you might need, and then some.

You'll find the Tack Shop door locked, (we're back to that low overhead part) but just ring the bell, or go in the barn to hunt for Bill. It's a good idea to phone us first, because when the urge strikes, we might just up and go riding somewhere, and not be home.

Corn Cob Bedding

We only use corn cob bedding here. It is way better than sawdust, and cheaper in the long run. We first saw it at a horse fair, and didn't care for it at all, and just passed it by. But then the Best Cob place made us an offer to try it, and we are now definitely sold on it. You put this little bag of coarse looking stuff in your stall, and by the next day, it is transformed to about 3 times the volume, absorbs like kitty litter, and does a super job of keeping the smell down. You can sift through it with a fork, and there is very little waste. The wet stuff clumps up, and you can just remove it. You can put a couple bags in your stall, and it can last for weeks (depending on how much your horse is stalled). We sell it in 40 lb bags, and again, we can usually undersell our competitors.

And Finally

As with all the services we offer, and the things we sell, we try to keep things affordable. We'll never be a fancy stable, or a big tack seller, but we are extremely rich in the life bounty of our family and friends, and all the horse people, visitors, customers, and associates that we come in contact with. Life is never so good, as when you have a good horse beneath you, and a good friend by your side.

So what are you waiting for? Get off the couch and into a saddle. Visitors are always welcome, so come on out!


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