We are a very small tack shop, and some of our sale ideas are a bit different than others. It is just a husband and wife team, no employees, and no fancy website from which you can purchase directly. All this adds up to very low overhead. The savings we make, we try very hard to pass along to you, the buyer. We may close up shop for a few days and go riding and camping and this can be a bit inconcenient for some. But your reward is the low prices that we offer. Some prices we have no control over, but for the most part, we discount everything. Most anything in our shop we will happily ship to you for the actual shipping cost, on down to free shipping for some things. So just give us a call or email us if there is anything you are seeking. We'll try our best to help. You can also check out our Facebook page (Doubletree Stables & Tack) for current listings and pictures of some of our saddles and tack.

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