Do your joints ache when you ride? Do those long hours in the saddle take a toll on your ankles, knees, and hip joints? If you are answering yes, then maybe it's time to try a pair of these stirrups. The footbed of these stirrups put your foot at a different angle, and your foot hangs at a more natural angle. The entire width of your foot is supported, not just one side of it. The pressure on your joints is alleviated. This allows for a more comfortable and longer ride. These stirrups will go on your current western saddle, and come in many sizes. They are made of solid aluminum, and are pretty much indestructable. Bang them up all you want, they still look good. We keep our prices low because we feel everyone should enjoy a pain free ride. We ride in what we sell, and we truly believe in these stirrups. Contact us to see if you qualify for our free shipping on this product.

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