Rocking R Saddles
        Rocking R saddles are custom made in the USA. We keep several in stock, or can order you a custom made saddle of your dreams.
We also sell a variety of other new and used saddles, to fit your needs or your wallet. Bring your horse for a custom fitting.

Bestcob bedding
       We use and sell corncobbedding. We are dealers for Bestcob, and have the best pricing around. Ask us how great it is, and take a look in our barn and see how well it works.

Crooked Stirrups
      Do your joints hurt when you go on those long rides? Try one of our Crooked Stirrups on your saddle. That little angle of your foot makes a huge difference. As dealers, we are able to set our prices very low. Compare our prices anywhere.

Valleyhead Saddlery
     These saddles are also made in the USA, and are good quality, but a little more econimical than than the higher end saddles.

Colorado Saddlery
     This company carries a complete line of using tack.

Action Saddle Company
     Another company that carries a complete line of tack.

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